Is Vite going to building Private chain?

  • My company have to deal with a high workload of paperwork and has applied Internal Control with internal storage and the internal Internet, to eliminate the risk in business. And a document (drawings, paper, papers, invoice) has to be stored in 7 years, for the internal and external audit. There are around 10 divisions with 30 to 40 people each div, as far as I remember 500 work as paperwork staff and around 7000 more as workers. The data to input and output are quite an overload for me to be honest. I was wondering with the high demand for paperwork, my company storage should be available to store data in 7 years. It is a big number to calculate to be sure!
    What if Blockchain is applied to store data and manage, control the operations in the company I am working for?? And do you find Private chain a good stage to go, Vite Labs team?

  • Nice idea-Since Vite is trying to make a fast blockchain for industrial purposes, it makes sense to have a sort of private sidechain. Book keeping, data storage and automation through blockchain is already gaining mainstream adoption! A blockchain project that is already doing so for multiple clients in areas of process workflow automation and data storage/security is LTO Network. Do have a look at their enterprise solutions. Shoutout to Vite team 🙂 @Richard_Yan @Choeriswangqiji

  • @felicity I have been thinking about the same kind of thing but I'm not worried about how much paper I store but how many people I will be able to reach around the world. So what I'm saying is I think blockchain tech can and will be put to work in all aspects of our lives in the very near future, and if you were to make that happen at your company who knows you might be the next big thing.
    Have a productive day, Peace from Massachusetts!

  • @felicity Things to store in 7 years with a lot of employees like your company, wow, I am imagining the scale to store in real life now...

  • Think so !!

  • Surely. Keep following

  • @Kabuto it is not goin fast enough

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