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    Ever since Vite Labs launched the Supernode and Snapshot Block Producer (SBP) program, we received interest from all corners of the world! As a company based in Silicon Valley and Beijing with personnel in every time zone, we welcome international allies. We spoke with SwissVite which is a team of five based in Geneva. Their activities should serve to inspire prospective SBP’s. Helpful articles and tutorials are available on the SwissVite blog.

    Our conversation included Andy and Guillaume, who are both leaders within SwissVite. Andy works as an IT consultant in Switzerland and he lived in China for five years. Guillaume has a crypto-asset mining company and this is the first time he runs a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) delegate. In the future, he is looking to create products on top of Vite and his background is in law. Besides Andy and Guillaume, they have a self-taught blockchain engineer based in China, a web designer and a professional crypto-asset miner. Everyone in SwissVite is part of the Swiss Crypto Traders community, which has been enthusiastic about Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) architecture in blockchain platforms.

    SwissVite publicizes reward distribution records publicly and transparently:

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    Done cool things on Vite? Want a shoutout?
    If you identify as one of the profiles below, contact Luke Kim, our Chief Marketing Officer. We would love to hear your story and jam out on ways to collaborate!

    a Supernode and/or SBP
    a builder of the Vite community and ecosystem internationally
    a developer on Vite
    We can support you to run community campaigns (e.g. subsidizing your token awards), to get press and to organize events locally (e.g. hackathons and educational workshops).

    We will be highlighting various SBP’s and community leaders in the future. Stay tuned!

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