#insightvite About New Products and Use Cases of Vite Platfom

    1. Gvite software version 1.3.0 and hard fork “Mint”
      A newly scheduled Vite network hard fork, named “Mint”, was performed at snapshot block height of 9453262. Upgrade to gvite software version 1.3.0 fixed “block stuck” problem by introducing a new logic of snapshot block hash calculation.
    2. Full Node
      Full Node Rewards After 2nd Upgrade were increased by 30%, therefore, the daily rewards to be shared by all full nodes is 13,000 VITE. The upgrade occured on 8:13 PM on March 7, 2019 in PST. After this information quantity of full nodes was achieved to 1200 and above. This step can help to achieved more reliability, scalability and decentralization of Vite Platform.
    3. Next milestone of TestNet
      Quantity of Snapshot blocks achieved 10 millions at 15:27 UTC March, 13. I published a message about this moment in Twitter: https://twitter.com/Georgij_Han/status/1105858068334735362


    1. Development of Vite Wallets
      The airdrop function on Android wallet was formally released. Each user of Android 6 or above can download wallet from Play Store to collect VITE EVERYDAY!


    Today Vite has Android wallet, iOS wallet, web wallet and desktop wallet. New releases of wallets appear very often.
    Above 3000 users have downloaded Vite wallet now.
    5) Vite Pay real use case
    From the beginning Vite is positioned as a finance-oriented platform. I tested Vite Pay in real use case when I purchased goods from https://global.vite.store/ . It is small step for me but it is big step for Vite adoption. Vite Pay is feeless, onchain, quick, international, without taxes and borders. Using Vite Pay is very attractive for merchants.


    1. Community and supporters action
      Vite Faucet was launched by Snap Secure.
    2. Government Contract
      Vite Labs was selected by the city of Syracuse, New York to design a P2P low-income, micro-loan program using blockchain technology.
      Vite Labs believes in proving socially meaningful use cases for blockchain technology. Vite Labs treat public-private partnerships and government use cases as means to serve society. Goal of Vite is to step in where financial institutions are currently lacking, providing a peer-to-peer micro-lending platform to address housing instability. Blockchain payment infrastructures are more equitable, sustainable and inclusive than existing solutions including traditional banks and crowdfunding platforms.
    3. ViteX and MainNet
      Mainnet and Decentralized Exchange ViteX are 2 most important features of VITE in 2019.
      In interview with Cryptodealers Allen Liu described main parts of Vite Ecosystem:
      • Decentralized Exchange ViteX
      • Vite Pay
      • Vite Games
      • dApp development platform.
      ViteX Beta Test will be released in the beginning of April 2019 together with pre-release of MainNet.
      Last information about development:
      • Vite Labs completed the development of gateway wallet account management supporting BTC, ETH, VITE and USDT.
      • Vite Labs finished token cross-chain mapping to Vite chain design, including ETH transfer and inquiry as well as ERC 20 transfer and inquiry.
      • Vite Labs completed the BTC and USDT test node setup.

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