Summary of 2018 Vite achievement and goal for 2019

  • Summary of 2018 Vite achievement and goal for 2019
    Vite is one of the 2000+ crypto projects floating around on CoinMarketCap right now. So why I am so bullish on Vite? 😄
    Knowing Vite since May when following Loopring, I was excited to see Vite’s Whitepaper and was one of the earliest people to join their Telegram and Discord.
    About their long-term vision, ‘To be the payment network of choice, known digital asset issuance/exchange platform and to power practical dApps. These will be achieved with our super fast DAG ledger, fee-less transaction model, built-in token issuance capability, Ethereum-compatible smart contract and a wholesome ecosystem (e.g., DEX, cross-chain gateway). More importantly, as the extremely fast infrastructure blockchain, in performance the vision of Vite is to achieve 10x throughput of EOS”
    Throughout their token metrics, expect for the similar token distributions like other projects, I was impressed by its bonus, 0% - hardly any project at that time could finish their fund raising with that percent of bonus – 0%. Normally, the bonus of privatesale/ presale are 50 to 100%, yes, you are not reading it wrong, some projects provided 100% bonus.
    With the reference of the team, it is a common thing that team board always consists of the seasonal and intensive experience developers.
    And when I checked out their technology, I found out their outstanding features. To my experience, Vite is the first blockchain till now could integrate Smartcontract with DAG. They eliminate the drawback in security of DAG with Snapshotchain.
    In 2018, they have achieved some following points: 01 year ahead of schedule, they successfully released their Vite wallet and Blockchain explorer back in late August.
    Vite ecosystem now consists of Vite TestNet, Vite wallet products(web wallet, iOS wallet, Android wallet and desktop wallet), Vite block explorer and VitePay(having ViteStore for Mandarin Chinese and Global built on) available now. Their iOS mobile wallet is released earlier compared to Android version. Till now Android mobile wallet has the function of adding fingerprint for payment. Not being a iOS users, so I am not sure if this function is added to the latest version of iOS wallet or not There are more than 1000+ download in Android and the feedback are pretty positive in Google Play.

    Back to last November, they got started their incentive plans where people registered to be super nodes.
    And I really appreciate its transparency and anti-fraud behavior 😛 Check out their airdrop at
    Their progress is so /vi:t/, following information from the team, their DEX is about to release this May 2019, which is one year ahead of roadmap!

    Information about their soon-to-release-DEX
    Telegram: 👑

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