Announcement: SwissVite increases the reward distribution!

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    Announcement: SwissVite increases the distribution to the voters

    What a great moment for the all VITE ecosystem and especially for the VITE community!

    The moment community SBPs propose a better ROI than official SBPs!!! Oh what a day!


    Yes SwissVite will be at the party, and sure VITE community will appreciate:

    SwissVite decided to increase the distribution to 60% to match the best available ROI.

    It's a notable difference with official's SBPs, and with this move we have the serious intention to put with your help our SBP to the nΒ°1 place.

    So spread the word, the wall is broken, community SBP wants to take the lead.

    Let's make Community the nΒ°1!

    Love & Share


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    Great news, congrats SwissVite! πŸ†

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    well done, we need to make the competition of nodes more intense and promote the ecological development of VITE 😎 😎

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    Nice! Great to see SBPs rewarding the community so generously!

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    @fonzie Thank you for your support 😜

  • @SwissVite Ok let’s try this one out, if I like it I am going to promote it.

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    @Ninjago Do not forget to visit our website. You can check your rewards and monitor your full nodes through our tools ( Thank you for the support!

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    Hi SwissVite, thanks. Does this mean that you are now distributing 60% or the total rewards the SBP earns to voters? And that is equal or higher than all other SBPs?

    Also, does the SBP earning rate reduce over time or is that fixed?

    Thanks for clarity, sorry for elementary questions, I'm still new at this!

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    Hey @JD ,

    You are right, we distribute 60% of our daily earnings, so block creation + vote rewards. Note that the collateral is counted as a stake also.

    So yes, the distribution with SwissVite is actually better than official SBPs.

    For now, we are not looking to decrease the rewards distribution, our goal is to give the Best ROI to our voters regarding other SBPs.

    Thank you for your support!

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    switched my vote here πŸ‘

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