Game of 20 Crypto Jokes: You HODL or You Die

  • Game of 20 Crypto Jokes: You HODL or You Die

    Even if you’ve been living under the biggest rock you can possibly find, you’ve heard that Game of Thrones (it's a TV series) is returning this weekend for its final season. And while that doesn’t have anything to do with crypto on the surface, there have been some inspirational quotes from the show that stuck with us, like: “In the game of crypto, you HODL or you die.” It may not be an exact quote, but we’re taking artistic liberties here.

    This week started with crypto forecasts and AIs catching Ponzi schemes, China looking to ban crypto mining, and Opera releasing a new browser with a crypto wallet. The cryptoverse became home to dirty games, some exchanges might be sold soon, and the killer app club got even bigger. Coinbase is partnering with Visa, Binance is threatening to delist Bitcoin SV, and CoinGecko is entering the NFT playground.

    Playing a dangerous game here.

    This is why nobody likes you.
    And all those business execs would be all over it.

    Keeping focused on the important facts.


    Reality is often disappointing.
    Inspirational quotes for when the bull market starts again.
    When you have to beg for any indication that your coin will jump enough so that you can afford to eat.

    Some pains are too much to bear.
    When it’s not “to the moon,” it’s “to the black hole.”

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    What it feels like to buy Bitcoin at USD 4,000 and sell at USD 5,000.

    In the year 2032…
    Now you have to, the Pope said so.


    If we all pretend it didn’t happen, it will go away. Right?

    Erm… which one should we believe again?b941bfc4-b712-42a7-9acb-b7099459ca42-image.png
    When you make every bad decision possible during the market rally…

    A quote commonly misattributed to Marilyn Monroe, it’s actually probably originated from Satoshi Nakamoto.


    The power of friendship is not strong enough to include Faketoshi.7e3750c2-e5f8-4630-a121-f9bebce8718f-image.png
    Imagine suing someone for hurting your fee-fees. (Based on true events.)


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