Campaign of Reporting Bugs (ViteX's inviting beta testers & offering prizes for bug reporters)

  • Hi
    Noticed that VTT send from another wallet didn't get in my ViteX wallet. They appear in Unreceived Transactions.
    Edit : Get around that connecting to the wallet through the Webwallet (Thanx Oleg).
    VTT gets confirmed but not shown in ViteX balance...

  • Hi Choeriswangqiji

    Unlock current account isn't functioning well.
    I cannot log in when I do not input a password many times.
    There is no problem if you check Open password-free mode within 5 Minutes, but you can not login if you do not.


  • @BR4Di All testing coins cannot be intermingled with the real coins.

  • @indah-sri Could you plz elaborate this? You want to see your balance in this interface?

  • Hello

    1)A small bug when you click on the issuer it shows the address with "...." when you click on it, it opens the address like that with the dots, therefore not showing the correct information ( it works only if you click on the token itself on top)

    Vite Issuer.PNG Vite Explorer.PNG

    1. Question or suggestion about the Vitex exchange , why change the layout of the wallet , the web wallet is beautiful as it is , but now I had to re-learn a new layout that is horizontal instead of vertical, it would be better to have the original wallet layout and use the space between the swap button and settings to add the Exchange .


    1. When creating a new wallet either extend the time or have a counter or a note that says that there is a time limit to copy the seed, I didn't know that there was a time limit and I got kicked out twice when writing down the seed, I mean I write it on paper, I don't like to have a digital copy, I take my time to write a new seed and make sure I have 2 copies of the same seed.

    The other issues have been raised already like not able to receive VTT, and the logging that you have to select the keep unlock for 5 minutes otherwise it doesn't let you do anything.

    I'll try to make some trades, I read the workaround to get the VTT.

    Great work, the exchange looks very professional and clean.

    • After completing trades, the Type combobox in "Order History" does not contain any items. Don't know what this should be used for?

    • Next combobox has no caption. Maybe add "Currency" there.

    • Also, the exchange is not responsive - maybe certain elements could be stacked horizontally instead of vertically on mobile interfaces (e.g. Last Orders / Limit), if not enough width to show both of them. Would not be needed if the exchange gets integrated in the mobile apps though 🙂

  • @Choeriswangqiji : bug for Android when Create Account.

    1. Once hit Confirm —> nothing happens —-> blocked from moving forward.
    2. Use some trick to manage to next screen, but once hit “Backup Seed Phrase” —-> the App crash.

  • vitex.png
    Just tried your DEX. Looks good, but I find some problems. When I placed the best buy and sell orders, I could not use them. When I tried to execute an order, nothing happened for 10-15 seconds and then the error "order failed" appeared. After some time I was able to execute orders.

    And my wish: please make the "All" button 🙂

  • Put a warrant for the purchase of ethn. There are two transactions. One is normal, the second with zero balance.

    Vite Wallet - Google Chrome 2019-04-16 14.38.01.png
    Vite Wallet - Google Chrome 2019-04-16 14.41.34.png Vite Wallet - Google Chrome 2019-04-16 14.42.14.png

  • @Choeriswangqiji
    mac os, safari browser. Does not display trade pairs.Снимок экрана 2019-04-16 в 16.44.52.png

  • @icloud93

    Totally agree with the "All" Button , on deposit and Withdraw to wallet 🙂

    • Question about deposit I see that we can send ETH , GRIN , BTC to a Vite address, but will there be an address for each wallet to make a deposit ?

    What I'm referring is if we are going to have ETH , BTC wallet in the Vite wallet ? ( we currently have ETH as we can swap to mainnet )

    Send Transaction.PNG

    BTW after using the Exchange , now I understand the change of layout from Vertical to Horizontal , and is very intuitive however the left menu looks empty.

    Free Space.PNG

    we can keep this horizontal layout or add something like a tree, when in vertical view , the problem with that it' that now it looks full

    Vite Vertical Exchange.PNG

  • Can you make a quick tutorial for the DEX? like if I trade something against BTC or , it's not actual BTC or ETH but a Vite Token. This should be made clear.

    If I click on the BTC TOKEN link I get an error

  • @Choeriswangqiji sorry, did not quiet understand "intermingled" 🙂

  • could be great to have the options to show all orders (open or history) independant of the pair

  • The order executions always depends on the POW. Not quick

  • Order details in the order tap not showing anything for the "in order" lines

  • SBP

    @BR4Di That's how Vite works. Not happy with the slow PoW to perform transactions (trades/cancel order/create order/etc)? Stake some stake for quota (gas) on your wallet address, and it'll be lightning fast.

  • Why can't I make a trade? I got some test tokens, and I am trying to trade vtt.t with btc. I get a weird message when i hover over it. Insufficient balance. Please help me

  • When I try to vote or stake, it says 'snapshot block hight is illegal, please try again later.' What shoudl i do ?

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