Function of In-Wallet Token Migration is Online!

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    We are proud to announce that the new function of ERC20-VITE migration has been implemented in Vite Web Wallet 1.3.0. With this feature, users can complete the conversion of VITE ERC20 tokens to VITE at a ratio of 1:1 in a more efficient and safer manner.

    Please proceed with below instructions:

    1. Sign up Vite Web Wallet at first and click the Conversion icon on the left sidebar.
    2. Transfer VITE ERC20 tokens to "My Address" in any Ethereum wallet.
    3. A small amount of ETH is required to be transferred as well in order to pay a gas fee that may take place in Ethereum during conversion.
    4. Click the Convert button.
    5. Confirm your receiving address, amount and set appropriate Ethereum mining fee(aka gas fee, can be altered by dragging the slide bar). Then click "Confirm Conversion".
    6. Enter your wallet password and click Confirm.

    One conversion will create two records, one for the destruction of VITE ERC20 tokens and another for the record of transfer to VITE receiving address.

    1. Destruction record can be found in Conversion History, which will link to upon clicking.
    2. The same amount of VITE will be sent to your present Vite wallet address, which can be tracked by looking into the transfer record in the Transactions tab.


    1. At the time being, the in-wallet conversion function is only available in Vite web wallet. iOS/Android wallets will support this feature later..
    2. Normally, the pre-set mining fee is sufficient, although you have the flexibility to choose what you see fit
    3. Please keep your password and mnemonic phrase properly. Vite Labs shall not be responsible for the loss of digital assets due to forgotten passwords or mnemonics.

  • This is cool.Hassle free erc20 to vite conversion.Way to go VITE lets hodl💪 💪 💪 💪

  • Cool dev team, this makes conversion a lot easier. Great job

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