🎈Vote for ViteX Logo

  • Vite has designed four logos for ViteX - the first decentralized exchange developed on the top of DAG and wants to hear your voice about your preferred logo. At the same time, any design or design idea is warmly welcome!


    1. Duration: until May 05, 2019

    2. Votes: one vote a person

    3. Rewards: The design idea wil be rewarded 50,000 VCP and your designed logo 200,000 VCP if adopted.

    4. The reward for the adopted ideas or the designed logo will be released in 2 working days after the logo of ViteX is determined and Vite Labs will email you about the reward details.

    The design concept of ViteX logos are from the features of Vite public chain and the letters of V and X, which remind of the image of bee: light, fast, thrift, and smart.

    **Voting link:**→→→→

  • A good quality logo is easily worth thousands of dollars.
    If you want proper community engagement you should consider offering decent rewards.
    A few thousands Vite should be the bare minimum imo.

    As for feedback on the proposed logos, try to not have too many details, because they don't scale down (look bad as icons). And if possible I'd try to have something that can be associated quickly with the Vite logo. I really don't understand the relation with bees...

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