SwissVite launches the VCP airdrop - Get VCPs by voting for SBP!

  • SBP

    SwissVite SBP will now airdrop 1 VCP for each VITE coin you earn by voting for our SBP. So you will get VITEs AND VCPs daily by voting for from your wallet!

    The campaign will run for the next 2 years, so be sure that you will have your favorite VITE's material at 👈

    We are really happy to offer you this airdrop. The first VCP airdrop has been sent yesterday with success. We hope that this campaign will attract more people to our community!

    • What is VCP?

    VCPs are Vite Community Points. A VITE token used as a currency at You can only earn VCP through the Vitelabs campaigns, or through campaigns sponsored by Vitelabs.

    • How to get VCPs by voting for SwissVite?

    The case:
    To get 1 VITE coin when voting for SwissVite, you will need to delegate approx. 3000 VITEs.
    From now, by delegating 3000 VITEs to SwissVite you will receive 1 VITE coin AND 1 VCP at the daily payouts.
    Because VCPs are indivisible, you will need 6000 VITE to get 2 VCPs, 9000 to get 3...

    We want to thank our voters for their support. SwissVite is working hard to give voters the very best incentives!
    So spread the word around, and help SwissVite enrich the VITE ecosystem by delegating your coins to us!

    A special thanks to Vitelabs, partner for 50% in this campaign.


    VCPs have no vocation to be traded against other crypto assets, it's a token only used to get VITE's material.

  • Nice! Our community gets another way to get their hands on the VCP tokens! Good to see the SBPs incorporating it into the rewards structure. I hope more follow N4Q and SwissVite!

  • @SwissVite Intresting competition!

  • SBP

    @fonzie Yes it is cool to distribute VCPs, why not in the near future all kinds of VITE tokens 😉

    Again, voters can thank Vitelabs for supporting our campaign with a VCP donation of 700k VCP. SwissVite added another 740k VCP for a current total of 1'440'000 VCP.
    It was important to propose a consequent amount of VCPs for this campaign, so people can use VCPs through With the proposed model, we are sure that our long term voters will be rewarded.
    With the amount we raised, we can offer a 2-year (minimum) airdrop.

    Thank you community for your support!

  • @SwissVite Im already vote 😘

  • SBP

    @Joseph-A-Satu Thank you for your support.

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