I was the third man in an OTC deal in my Vite Vietnamese channel

  • I was the third man in an OTC deal in my Vite Vietnamese channel

    I'd like to share the experience in my Vite Vietnamese group several days ago.

    It was when I was moderating and reading crypto news, there we go two people from Vite Vietnamese called Huy (Vite buyer) and Mircro (Vite sale), texting me:

    • Hey, Bonita, don't you mind helping us out?
    • What happened?
    • We have a deal, I am gonna buy his VITE Native token. Will you be the third party for this deal?
    • Absolutely! - I replied

    Then the process was happening that Micro transferred tokens to my Vite address via my QR code.


    After a second after his statement at 10:35 pm, I received his first batch of 730 VITE tokens.


    After that, the next batch of 870 VITE was transfered to my wallet.


    After confirming I already received Micro's tokens, Huy did transfer cash to Micro

    Receving confirming from Micro of receving VDN (Vietnamese currency)


    Vite was transferred in a wink to Huy's wallet (the buyer) 😛


    It was a brand new experience to be a third party for an OTC deal!
    Something I've learnt from this OTC deal.

    1. Be alert of any person in this distributed world.
    2. Find an admin to be the third man in an OTC deal is not a bad idea.
    3. Digital currency transaction takes around 3 to 4 minutes
    4. Vite's transaction takes in a wink ☝ ☝

    Did you experience any case like this?

    And if you are in an OTC deal, contact me heheh I wil l not hesitate to be a third man 😄

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