[IMPORTANT] Announcement of Vite Pre-Mainnet and Node Upgrade Notice

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    All of us here at Vite Labs are excited to announce the completion of a major milestone—we're officially launching the Vite Pre-Mainnet next Tuesday on May 21, 2019. Thank you to all of our users who have supported us to this point ! All nodes (SBPs and full nodes) currently in the Testnet should start the migration upgrade at 15:00, May 21 (UTC+8).

    Migration details

    • Go-vite v2.0.0 will be released at https://github.com/vitelabs/go-vite/releases at 15:00, May 21 (UTC+8).
    • Download & install to upgrade your node.
    • The Vite Pre-Mainnet will activate automatically when 18 or more SBPs have completed their respective upgrades.
    • Enjoy the latest and greatest Vite Pre-Mainnet.

    The details of this upgrade:

    1. Optimized blockchain data structure for less forking rate and higher performance.
    2. Revised quota calculation in a more stable way for better user's experience.
    3. Optimized ledger storage space and data synchronization, improving the speed of downloading and data writing.
    4. Re-implemented random numbers, more unpredictable and secure.

    Vite TestNet Service Stop Notice:

    Starting from 15:00 May 21, 2019 (UTC+8), all Vite products and services, including Vite wallets(Web wallet, iOS wallet, Android wallet), Vite block explorer, ViteX(beta version), voting service, airdrops, faucets, and all transfers in the network will be stopped until the migration is complete.

  • @Choeriswangqiji Congratulations to all of you 👏 👏 Give your devs a small break haha

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    Amazing! Such a major milestone. Wishing you all the luck!

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