Android, Vite Wallet App does not recognize Password

  • Just for feedback: Login is working more stable so far. Also Airdrop resumed with the update of today.

    The other issues as still unresolved: layout, claim/balance discrepancy.

  • @Asduka Actually works perfectly fine for me. Yours is the only one I've heard that is having these problems.

    Aslo, what's balance discrepancy?

  • Good for you, Fonzie! The fact that I had reported it, now a couple of weeks ago, does not necessarily mean I am the only one who has or had this problem. As I mentioned yesterday, the login has stabilized since the last update, the one before yesterday.

    Concerning the discrepancy, I had posted screenshots on the Telegram portal with Oleg who informed me he had sent them to the tech people and it would be dealt with by the next update, which did not happen. I will gladly post the screenshots again.

  • Screenshot_20190524-115535.png ![alt text](image url)InkedScreenshot_20190524-115520_LI.jpg

  • Essentially an Airdrop got lost in the system on the day of transition from Test- to Pre-Mainnet.

  • I noticed today, that the latest update seems to have created a "mirror account". This means that when I open the app in addition to the account that I initially created, for example "blabla2" another seems to have been created with an ascending count, such as "blabla3". I can log into both using the same password. The same content is displayed.

  • I have discovered the difference between the two accounts: my original account, the one created by me, does not support Airdrops anymore. Only the new mirror account does. Something must have swapped there. So how am I supposed to proceed here? Delete one? Rename one?

  • Do you mean another vite address?

  • Its the same set of addresses. So I have two different wallets with the same set of addresses.

    Also, where are my 10 Vite that got lost? Who is responsible for these issues? Is there a support somewhere? Things don't seem to move very quickly on specific, individual issues here, given the lapsed time.

    But on a positive side: the logoff button is back again...

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Asduka If you require a high-speed help I believe our vite telegram group will help. Check it here:

  • @Asduka Btw I am still very confused about your question. You said you lost 10 VITE? And yes you can login a same address on two different divices (your mobile wallet and your laptop). We were having a pre-mainnet update then so what is your problem?

  • Thanks for coming back.

    Firstly, it was Oleg from Telegram group you referred to who sent me here in the first place, see post above. It was also Oleg to whom I had stated the problem first and who told me he had informed Tech department who would take care of it. That is weeks ago now. So clearly, nothing has happened since.

    The issues are twofold. I had described them and had sent pics. So I am slowly a bit at a loss how to be any clearer. But let me try:

    1. Problem Balance:

    a. The issue:

    Please take a look at the screenshots I posted on the 13.6.
    One shot is from the Airdrop Rewards Summary page, the other from the balance in my Vite Wallet.

    Please note, that the screenshots were taken at the same time, 11.55.
    As you can see from the timestamp of the Airdrop Rewards Summary page, the last Airdrop had been conduct at 13:43. The time on my device states its 11.55. We could conclude from that then, that my balance is up to date as the next airdrop available is in 2 hours time. One caveat of course: We are assuming that I am not going through all this trouble just to cheat you out of 10 Vite or that I have "spent" it otherwise.

    I had forwarded my wallet address to Oleg and also posted it here at some point but deleted in the meantime since I assume the issue was being dealt with.

    b. The question:

    Do you notice any difference in the balance?

    My suspicion is you will say: "Yes, I do. On closer inspection I am noticing that the balance in your wallet is actually 10 Vite shorter than in the Rewards Summary Page. So why is that then?" And then I would answer "Because the last airdrop that I claimed before transition to Pre-mainnet was registered as claimed but never actually accredited to my wallet."

    c. The way forward:

    Please tell me what information I need to provide to whom to get the issues settled.

    2. Problem Mirror Wallet

    a. The issue

    After your App update, preceding last I suddenly had a second wallet account showing up on my app.
    This mean exactly what it says: suddenly there was a wallet account which I had not created.

    To give an example: Let us assume I had created wallet account nnn1. After the aforementioned update next to my wallet account nnn1, a second wallet account nnn2 appeared.

    I can log into both of these wallet accounts using the same password.

    As far as I can tell even the 10 Vite addresses are the same as well as the balances and transactions.

    But here is the one difference: I can only claim airdrops from the second wallet account, or to take our example above wallet nnn2.

    b. The question

    Was this intended and how shall I treat the two wallets now?
    Can I delete nnn1, given I can't claim any airdrops there anymore?
    But given that nnn2 seems to be a mirror of nnn1, wouldn't I thereby not automatically delete both?

    c. The way forward:

    Please tell me what information I need to provide to whom to get the issues settled.


    I hoped to have shed more clarity on the issues. Please let me know how whether you require further information and how you will proceed further. Thank you!

  • On a positive note: thank you for solving the layout issues!

  • Thanks for clarifying having made your questions quite clear.
    I need two things:
    The first is the involved address which can claim airdrops and another one (one the mirror wallet) which can not claim airdrops.
    The second is the screenshot holding two mirror accounts of Vite wallet.

  • Can you provide me with another channel than a public forum on which to send you the requested information, in particular my wallet account names?

    I had a brief look at the set of 10 addresses listed in each of the two separate wallets, they appear to be identical. So is it then sufficient if I forward you one default wallet address?

    Just to make sure we are singing from the same hymn sheet:

    Wallet opened by me = "nnn1" = 10 Vite Airdrop got lost = no Airdrop possible anymore after update
    Wallet automatically created after update= "nnn2" = Airdrops work

    I chose the nnn1 and nnn2 example to indicate, that the second wallet which had been created automatically after the update has the same wallet account name on the login screen apart from the ascending numbering at the end

    Thank you for moving things forward!

  • @Asduka How about telegram? This is my account: vitetakingnatetothemoon

  • How about you backup your mnemonic phrase and re-install the app? I think this would help resolve the duplicated account. For your first issue, it could result from a small mistake, just please send @Choeriswangqiji your vite address and we can send the 10 vite to you. Apologize for the inconvenience and delay. @Asduka

  • Thank you Allen and Nate. Tried the delete/reinstall, did not change. Sent Nate the requested information.

  • @Asduka That doesn't make sense. When you uninstalled the app, have you cleared all storage data? In my opinion, a clear installation will solve account duplication cause there won't be any account at all after you install it

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