Android, Vite Wallet App does not recognize Password

  • On a positive note: thank you for solving the layout issues!

  • Thanks for clarifying having made your questions quite clear.
    I need two things:
    The first is the involved address which can claim airdrops and another one (one the mirror wallet) which can not claim airdrops.
    The second is the screenshot holding two mirror accounts of Vite wallet.

  • Can you provide me with another channel than a public forum on which to send you the requested information, in particular my wallet account names?

    I had a brief look at the set of 10 addresses listed in each of the two separate wallets, they appear to be identical. So is it then sufficient if I forward you one default wallet address?

    Just to make sure we are singing from the same hymn sheet:

    Wallet opened by me = "nnn1" = 10 Vite Airdrop got lost = no Airdrop possible anymore after update
    Wallet automatically created after update= "nnn2" = Airdrops work

    I chose the nnn1 and nnn2 example to indicate, that the second wallet which had been created automatically after the update has the same wallet account name on the login screen apart from the ascending numbering at the end

    Thank you for moving things forward!

  • @Asduka How about telegram? This is my account: vitetakingnatetothemoon

  • How about you backup your mnemonic phrase and re-install the app? I think this would help resolve the duplicated account. For your first issue, it could result from a small mistake, just please send @Choeriswangqiji your vite address and we can send the 10 vite to you. Apologize for the inconvenience and delay. @Asduka

  • Thank you Allen and Nate. Tried the delete/reinstall, did not change. Sent Nate the requested information.

  • @Asduka That doesn't make sense. When you uninstalled the app, have you cleared all storage data? In my opinion, a clear installation will solve account duplication cause there won't be any account at all after you install it

  • No, just de-/reinstalled. How best to clear the storage data?

  • Emptied the Cache and reinstalled twice. Re-imported. Works! Thank you!

  • Would like to add: when deleting app, emptying cache and the reinstalling App, its best to do it only right after claiming an airdrop. Given that the airdrop is linked to the device, it seems that by emptying the cache the airdrop clock is set back to zero and you have to wait a full 24h cycle to claim anew.

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