Vite Android Wallet APP is Online! (and Campaign of Reporting Bugs)

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    Vite Labs is proud to announce that Vite Wallet Android APP is online!

    Your Vite asset is able to manage on mobile devices.

    You can also copy the below link on your mobiles and download APP by the local browser.

    As this version is at the inaugurate stage, there still exists bugs even after our team's internal reduplicative examinations and tests.
    So we hold our first campaign to perfect this Android version and reward bugs reporters at the beginning of 2019!

    Here are the rules:👨‍🏫 👩‍🏫

    1. Bug reporters will be awarded 500 VITE or 200 VITE in accordance with the severity of bugs.
    2. Awards for the same bugs shall only be won by the FIRST reporter in the sequence of comments.
    3. Please leave your descriptions and a screenshot of the bug following this post if you found one.
    4. Please make sure your wallet address has been added behind your nickname, click and check details.
    5. All rights reserved by Vite Labs.

    Please share this good news with your friends.

    Vite really appreciates all of our fans' contributions and Let's Create Something Cool!

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    I think the Facebook button can lead directly to Facebook app, instead of browser. And of the M button, your inserted link is the Discord invitation link but not Medium as the M logo

  • I would recommend you to add section of "get test token" too 😂

  • One more point in Vite wallet is that Red is + (receive transaction) while green is - (send) 🤣 I only see green and red in opposite position in other chart of exchanges.

  • There is no option to get Vite test tokens in the walletScreenshot_20190102-170651.png

  • The export seed phrase function does not give the possibility to "actually export" or save a file, rather it just shows the seed phrase.

  • Minor Bug: If we do not allow to give access to the VITE wallet APP to the android file system, the alert message has one spelling mistake in it.

    Minor Bug: If we do not allow to give access to the VITE wallet APP to take/scan QR codes, the alert message is in Chinese language.

  • In Address Management, there is no indicator to tell me which address I have imported, and which has generated by the app. While not a bug necessarily, it can lead to confusion. It would be useful if we could also put remarks next to addresses.

    In the attached image, the first address is one that I imported, and the others seem to be generated by the app. Screenshot_20190102-173206.png

  • There is no option to search for Vite, VTT and VCP on the Transactions tab. There is no option to search by address either. These features would help a lot. Screenshot_20190102-173529.png

  • The "Reward Enquiry" link is leading to an external web link, where in it can be a part of the android wallet page.

  • So this might be a major bug. In the Transaction tab, when I scroll down towards the end, the same transaction keeps on repeating again and again. You can see this in the attached screenshot. Screenshot_20190102-173834.png

  • Major Bug: Under System Settings "Unlock by Password" if enabled ,does not seem to work.

  • @rsquare1 worked fine for me

  • My password contains 6 characters, it was created in desktop version. But the application does not accept it and says that the password must contain at least 8 characters

  • When you are trying insert long number you will get unread view like on screenshot. You can move left-right to see ticker but anyway it looks incorrectly Length bug.jpg

  • You can loose account when you are switching between apps. This is temporary bug, cuz saved account is still in app. You need fully stop app and run it again. So end-users right now should just avoid switching between apps.

    Steps on screenshot

    1. Import account
    2. Switch between apps during creating send request, for example.
    3. Error screen
    4. Logout screen where you can see no information about previously imported account. It was deleted.
      You can check video or screenshots below:
      Checked on Nexus 5
      Switch delete account.jpg

  • The "System settings" button should add buttons:
    1/"Gesture Password" (Unlock the key with the gesture, fingerprints)
    2/"Privacy mode" (Activation of Privacy Mode will hide asset balances).
    And support more languages ​​to make it more convenient for users.

  • It is possible generate from mobile version transaction with 0 amount.
    Example of such transactions

    Web wallet doesn't allow such option.

    As result we have opened transactions.

  • Right now we have information about symbols count for address.
    Please add information about Comment limitation. Right now user can see only the message about reached limitation, but it is not clear how much symbols can be used.


    Also Transaction History has 4 decimal digital limitation instead of 8

  • @Choeriswangqiji

    I've been using the android wallet, haven't found any bug, but have some suggestions:

    a) add an addressbook where we can keep add/edit/delete addresses
    b) add fingerprint as alternative to password
    c) add way to hide/unhide balances

    Overall the experience is very positive and you're creating something great!

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