Result of ViteX Economic Model Vote

  • In April, ViteX has conducted a vote in community about ViteX economic model. During the voting period, ViteX has received feedback from crypto projects and institutions and wishes of participation. To integrate the voting result and appeals of all parties, we have made corresponding adjusts on the basis of former economic model. In April we have launched the second round of vote regarding the adjusted economic model.
    Currently, the vote of adjusted ViteX economic model has finished and the result of the vote is as follows:
    Vote Link in Chinese:
    Vote Link in English:

    92.42% of users support the adjusted ViteX economic model, and 7.58% of users oppose it. The newly adjusted ViteX economic model will be implemented by the official in accordance with the voting result.

    The adjustments of ViteX Economic Model:
    1、Cancelled two levels of transaction fees in ViteX economic model. ViteX users will automatically participate in trading for mining at a basic rate of 2‰ which can be decreased to 1‰ with staking 10,000 VITE. The basic transaction fee will be regarded as ViteX's dividends which will be distributed to all VX holders.
    2、 Added a role of operator. The operator can adjust the basic transaction fee for his listing coins, which can increase 0-2‰ on 2‰ of the basic transaction fee. The income from the increased rate of transaction fee will be distributed directly to the operators.

    Thanks for your participation and attentions.

  • Basic rate of 2% or 0.2%?

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