voting notice

  • SBP is distributing 70% of its rewards to its backers

    Payment time: 10AM CET (5PM bejing time)
    Payment formula my_reward = my_vote * daily_ROI
    daily_ROI = (block_rewards + vote_rewards) * 70% / (total_votes + 500k stake)

    The amount of rewards you receive can vary according to:

    • the amount of votes we get (as we distribute our rewards among our backers, the more people vote for us, the fewer rewards people receive)
    • The amount of rewards we get from the network

    Rewards are paid in full to people who vote for us during the full cycle period,
    otherwise, the payment is calculated according to the voting average on the period

    Rewards can be checked here:

    Simple ROI simulation for a vote of 10,000 VITE

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