Vote for your Vite Community SBPs!

  • Vote for your Vite Community SBPs!

    (Because we’re phasing out the official Vite SBPs)

    If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that Vite successfully completed its migration to the Pre-Mainnet last week. The Pre-Mainnet is a major upgrade from the Testnet, including significant upgrades and improvments to data ledger storage structures and operating efficiency.

    As part of this transition, we will be phasing out the official Vite SBPs in order to promote fair and equal competition for the community SBPs. By June 5, 2019, all the official Vite SBPs will be removed from the SBP list. If you have voted for any of the official Vite SBPs, now is the time to take that vote and cast it for a community-run supernode. If you don’t re-vote, you will no longer receive any rewards from the official Vite SBPs (since they won’t exist anymore).

    So, to reiterate: GO VOTE.

    How do I decide who to vote for?

    At the moment, there are 39 community supernodes — they can be found here. Additionally, we are working on an SBP introduction page with more detailed information about the people behind each SBP here. Please note that this list is not yet complete (we only have about 13 SBPs listed at the moment).

    How do I get listed on the SBP page?

    If you’re an SBP and haven’t completed this form, please complete this form so that we can feature you as an official community SBP on the web page above.

    How do I vote for an SBP?

    Voting is super easy. First, open up your wallet and select the “Vite” bar from the home page.

    Once you open up your Vite holdings page, you should see a “Vote” button. Click on it.

    You’ll be taken to a list of all the available candidate nodes, where you can select your preferred node by clicking the “Vote” button.

    Once you have selected your node, you’ll need to input your password, confirm your selection, and, if applicable, run a quick PoW to complete the action. Obviously, don’t do what the screenshots below are suggesting by voting for an official Vite supernode (since they will be removed). We didn’t want to bias anyone towards any of the community SBPs.

    1_JONJkGd4f9FiwPC-_wKQtA.jpeg 1_8GTK-9sUs3N-CikOpQp0OQ.jpeg 1_Mz0bTsOIpAMqtpiWpOW8Ig.jpeg

    After a successful vote, your screen should look something like this:

    And…that’s it! Happy voting!

  • @Oleg I thanks you for more detais of this VITE Campaign, i have stake 317vite in 3 days and receive 0 profit... How it's possible?

  • SBP

    @hitechnic Staking doesn't give any rewards. However voting does give rewards.

  • @hitechnic staking give you quota, displayed as UTPS (unit transaction per second), which enables you with speedy transaction and the ability to works with multiple tx in the same time.

  • @Oleg
    Good and trusted

  • Gôd dkxkx

  • @Oleg good

  • @Oleg good

  • Great project , we can participe

  • Hello sir how many time should I vote per day ? Is it a everyday operation ?

  • I have Been voting since a couple of days ago I have only one statement on my vite wallet . Why do others nodes are not sending me the vote ?

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