The Result of the Top 50 Addresses with the Most Referrals (1st Round)

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    Dear Vite Mobile Wallet users,

    We have added referral function on Vite mobile wallet on April 24, 2019 and a lot of VITE fans have participated in the 1st round of referral campaign in Vite mobile wallet (more details).
    As the rules set in the first round of referral campaign, there is an additional incentive for the top 50 addresses with the most referrals: Depending on your rank, you will receive between 10,000–500,000 VCP. The top 10 addresses will receive a Vite T-shirt as well!
    Yes, the result of the top 50 addresses with the most referrals has come out!

    You will find more details about the top 50 address with the most referral in the first round in the below chart. Come on have a look whether you are in.
    The prizes will distribute to the top 50 addresses within 3 working days.
    For the top 10 addresses, please send ONE VITE to this address: vite_1a1667a06fa50e22926fe578f70033b0165ecce8187a4b66fb with the information on your delivery address using your winning address.

    You can still keep referring friends even after this campaign ends! After May 31st, the Vite wallet app will send airdrops of a random amount of VITE, VCP, VX, GRIN, ETH to the top 50 addresses the month after the announcement of an important wallet update. For example, if Update X is announced in June, the airdrop will happen by the end of July.

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    Hi guys,
    Recently our community admins have received a lot of feedback about that some addresses were missed in the top 50 addresses chart.
    This means a very series problem - there exists cheating behavior in this campaign.
    Our dev team has been looking into and checking the legal status of each address.
    We will publish an adjusted result before June 15 and the rewards will be sent after that.
    Thanks for all the participation.
    Never compromise with cheating behaviors!

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    Dear Vite mobile wallet users,

    The below chart contains the corrected top 50 VITE addresses in the first round of referral campaign which finished on May 30.

    At first, I want to thank all users who have referred our Vite wallet to their friends.
    And then I want to apologize for this delayed announcement due to cheating behaviors.
    To protect the profits of the whole community we will never stop fighting with cheating behavior.

    As mentioned in the above text, the corrected top 50 VITE addresses will receive a certain amount of VCP and one Vite T-shirt as an additional incentive for the top 10 addresses.

    We will publish an official notice about the starting time of the second round of the referral campaign. Please stay tuned.

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