@muzammil-k Only you can decide, if you consider something worth investing. Regardless of what information “Experts” claim to have, factors like how you view opportunities, your risk tolerance & personal (financial) situation all play in assessing an opportunity. People like Mcafee are already loaded before they start with investing in crypto. That means that it is safe to assume that they only invest a small part of their assets in high volatile assets like crypto (because that way they can hedge part of their portfolio risks). Considering the hedging role crypto fulfills for large investors - I would not take people like mcafee to serious - just look at all the coins he was paid to shill. Monero is a great coin with solid features. Will it take over btc - who knows. Looking at the number of developers on both projects,the “open source” codes and previous contributions from Fluffy to btc I would say it id more likely that Monero will inspire BTC to take on additional features that they (Monero) invented. That being said - what do I know really... just do your own research and invest in what consider good