Vite Supernode Removal & Full Node Reward Increase

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    Official SBP Removal Update

    As of today, the five official Vite SBPs have been removed from the SBP voting pool. This means that if you previously voted for a Vite SBP, your vote is no longer valid.

    If we didn’t make it clear enough in this post, please (if you haven’t done so already) re-cast your votes for a community SBP.

    Full Node Reward Increase

    Prior to the launch of the Pre-Mainnet, full node rewards were calculated based on mining rewards obtained by the official Vite SBPs. After the Pre-Mainnet launch, the daily distribution of full node rewards was set at 5,700 VITE. However, Vite labs has decided to increase this amount by a factor of 2.6 to 14,820 VITE.

    TLDR: Vite SBPs were removed and starting from today, June 5, until the Vite Mainnet launches, the daily full node reward will be fixed at 14,820 VITE.

  • I can't seem to get all this to work. I tried and tried but it's always the same, something with a node or note !! And have to put it somewhere, sometimes it must be done on GitHub or Twitter but how and to do all that. I many stupid, or many it's because I am from Denmark but can someone please help me with this. And thx so much

  • @blaup what happens?

  • Wtf... what happened?

  • @Moh great

  • [link text](link url)grazie

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