Update on recent challenges with Pre-Mainnet shutdown and air drop suspension?

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for all the great work. I love the product!

    Where can I find commentary on the recent challenges with Pre-Mainnet and air drops? Hopefully in ELI5 format as I am not a digital asset tech expert. I just want to see some transparent detail on what happened and what the team has done (or is doing) to resolve and prevent recurrence. These seem like pretty important issues for the community to understand.

    Thanks again for all the hard work and progress.


  • @fonzie do Vite team have update on issue, I mean the issue was fixed?

  • I am not sure what challenges with Pre-Mainnet and air drops there were? Can you elaborate? That would help us to give you the answers you seek.

    Regarding the current halt in the airdrops and referrals, you can check this:

  • If I understand correctly the pre-Mainnet was taken offline to correct some problems. What were the problems? How were they resolved? Were Vite owner funds at risk? Did it impact mobile or web wallets?

    Airdrops are now offline due to malicious attacks. What is the current status and path forward? How big was the attack? What is the development team considering to resolve?

    I consider these both significant problems and I want to understand how robust the Vite ecosystem is to handle (and prevent) these types of issues. If Vite intends to scale and go mainstream, which we all want, these vulnerabilities must be eliminated now.


  • @fonzie do Vite team have update on issue, I mean the issue was fixed?

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