ViteTI SBP - Distribution Update

  • Dear Viters,

    It's been a good time for Vite voters these weeks, as we reached the top3 on the SBP delegation list with our 100% bonus and a historic 0.063% ROI on the cycle 25!!


    Thanks to all our fellow voters. It is now the time to keep this rank, and ViteTI will make the best to keep you engaged with us with the following:

    • We will begin (on cycle 29) our new distribution. The new distribution will be set at 70%, to keep the best distribution currently in the SBP environment.

    • We chose to make a gift to our biggest voters, so with ViteTI if your address is one of our top3 biggest voter for a full cycle (24h), you will get an 85% distribution!

    With our latest updates, we also reached a 100% uptime for our server in the last 4 days, to offer you the best rewards also in terms of block mined number.

    Thank you all for your support, be sure ViteTI will do the maximum to offer to our fellow voters' good earnings!

    linkedin_banner_image_2.png // we are currently working on a revamp of our website, the information will follow.

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