Bug in Android App

  • Tried collecting airdrop from today's check in. When I pressed the claim button nothing happened. I tried multiple times and did not receive 10 VITE. I then uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Looks like it has changed and the claim button is now called "hit the airdrop" but again, when I hit the button nothing is happening. I've been using the VITE App for about 3 months with no issue and today is first problem I've had.

  • Tapping on 'Hit the Airdrop' should take you to a page called 'Airdrop Petrol Station' which will have simple tasks for you to claim the airdrop.

    You can try a different connection.

  • @Black_Valyrian it is not a bug. Try to catch up with our update Valyrian! How is your app working now?