My Vite Testnet experience

  • Hey everyone, my name’s Ryan and I’ve been following Vite since early 2018. I participated in several of the community quizzes and have watched many of Richard’s AMA’s. I’ll be honest, at first I was just after free Vite tokens. But after learning more about the project I became a true supporter! I was a proud member of team Vite Elite of the Vite Fan Club and I converted my Vite erc20 to testnet as soon as I could.

    The testnet experience for me has been pretty awesome so far. Converting my tokens was easy since I followed the guide. I’m sure it is even easier now that the function has been added directly to the Vite wallet. Upon conversion to testnet, I immediately began voting for one of the Vite SBPs and earning more Vite tokens every single day by doing so. I highly recommend everyone else to do the same, as it is a great (and easy) way to passively increase your Vite holdings. You can just set it and forget it! As far as I know, rewards are currently given for voting for any of the 5 official Vite SBPs or for the SwissVite SBP. I have been impressed with the speed of transactions and the user interface of the block explorer and the wallet. The Vite team knows what they’re doing and is constantly pumping out new developments. I also like how receptive they are to community feedback. They clearly realize how important community is in building a great project.

    I also began running a full node on the first day that it went live and have earned many more Vite tokens by doing so. Again, I would encourage everyone else to do the same, as it is a great way to passively earn more Vite and it’s also your way of helping to build out the network. Plus you don’t even need any Vite to participate! I have encountered a slight hiccup a few days ago in running my node, but I have no doubt that the Vite devs will have a solution for the syncing problem I have encountered in a very timely manner. That’s just what they do. I’d also like to give a shout out to Plasmo for his contribution to the Vite ecosystem and for being a massive help to me while trying to navigate some of the more tech focused features of the testnet.

    If the testnet is this great, I can’t wait to see what mainnet what looks like. Hats off to the Vite team and their constant improvements. I’m also looking forward to more applications for the Vite token as well as any new partnerships that the team is currently working on. Switch over your erc20s, start voting, run a node, contribute to the forum, ask questions, tell your friends and let’s all help to create something cool!

  • @ryang521 OMG so fast hahahaha

  • Agree with you regarding full node - this is really easy way earn Vite. Right now due the low requirement level for hardware you can use cheap VPSs to get tokens. Some guy used more then 80 nodes.

    As for me I saw info about Vite in ICODrops chat, so project always was on my radar. After cancelling public sale tried take part in community events (AMAs, quizes). Bought tokens from Bilaxy :).

    It is interesting that Vite Team made really easy way to be involved into TestNet. Easy steps and you are in business.

  • As a follow up, I just tried to run my node again's syncing!

  • Regarding full node, I was surprised that full node does not need collateral. Collaterals are not only a barrier of entry, but also a security garant to preserve from malicious actions.
    Hard to breakeven if you rent a server to run a full node, so I can imagine centralization will not happen.
    I am happy with mine.. sometime I have to sync again, but I hope this will be soon updated.
    +1 for plasmo and his tutos and upcoming faucet, and +1 for SwissVite crew for their fair rewards distribution and community initiatives.

  • @ryang521 I see you had a great experience with Vite testnet. That makes two of us, I must confess, it has been impressive especially the speed at which the dev team is ameliorating the testnet. Just the fact that the know there is real money involved (unlike many testnets that are not really tested by the community)
    I've tried virtually all the functions on the testnet except the SBP. Unfortunately for me, my fullnode didn't synchronize and when I saw the rewards and the cost of running the full node (electricity and internet bills), I decided it wasn't for me; otherwise, the testnet is grea

  • @ryang521 it's right $vite is not required to try Vite testnet. I just joined Origo Testnet and they require gas in Ethereum to vote (any way it's their concept). Things is different in Vite Testnet 😁

  • same here mate.Waiting for the vite main net and its exiting times

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