ViteTI New WebPage - 10 languages to understand what is ViteTI!

  • Fellow Viters,

    ViteTI is happy to release our new webpage in 10 languages:


    Because Vite is a project with no borders, we decided to translate, with the help of the community, our webpage into 10 languages. So you can understand what ViteTI is, and how our SBP model works.


    • Arabic translation will follow.
    • If you have the old website: Ctr + R

    ViteTI SBP distributes 70% of its rewards to its voters. Payouts are sent after each cycle (24h).

    Whale Bonus: The top 3 addresses in weight at the end of each cycle will receive a special 85% distribution.


  • I wood love that. How do i get them i relly need it

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