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    I've tried using a couple of the gambling apps on the Vite network & have found they're not provably fair, have bad info swctions, & require the user to input their password on every bet (which suggests the betting seed changes every bet).

    Perfect example was today when playing the slotachine, I landed on x2 lucky sevens & got a 2 VITE payout (I should have received 80 VITE). I have a screenshot of this which I cant upload here because the forums are still basic af.

    I recommend no one touches the gambling apps until they're proven & tested which it appears they are not.

  • @Senseitommyk Hi, you can upload the picture here, monitor the functions, are the uploading picture too complicated for you?

    For example

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    @Krystal No, I just can't be bothered uploading the image onto an image hosting server because this forum is too basic to include image hosting.

    I simply posted this to warn users of the fact that Classic Fruit Machine & other new apps on the Vite network are possible scams.

  • @Senseitommyk you keep telling you can't post image and that forum is too basic. What is the point???
    Others can, why you can't?? App scam is your one-sided arguement. Don't just say it, prove it. I would like to see more proof from you. It is gambling games.

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    @Krystal the point is to warn people that there's a potential scam. & I have a life outside of Vite's network. Here's the screenshot so you can stop attacking me & instead fix the issue. Oh, & maybe add image uploading to your forums so I don't have to go out of my way to use a third-party service. Listening to your user base is the only way to improve your mediocre network.

    alt text

    Since I joined this network I've had nothing but dramas from you so-called support guys. Learn how to better speak to your users than find reasons to attack them when they have serious issues such as I.

    Absolutely Idiotic support at this point.

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    @Senseitommyk I don't see such a problem with the game you called "scam". You should study the rules. The only problem here is the author didn't attach detailed rules on the website. This is his bad and we will contact the guy to upload them. But as this is called "classic", it shares the same rules with all games of this type. Typically, the odds are 2 for all items marked with "x2", not 2 times of basic odds for this specific item. In your example, you got x2 sevens, your odds are just 2, not 2x40. So there is no problem if you won 2 vite(if you only placed 1 on lucky sevens).

    In addition, nobody attacked you here, the admin just asked you to upload a pic since you mentioned you got the proof as screenshot. So please stop attack anyone else(including this "mediocre network") before you really figure out something. Thanks for your advice.

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    @Allen so because the rules of the game are not explained properly it's still the end users' fault? I fail to see your logic & again these terrible responses, & now threats^ show this networks true ugly colors. I'm a bitcoin bag holder, I don't need to be here. I was planning to invest should I see value here, which I don't;

    1. Lack of support when air drop got hacked.
    2. Lack of support for anybody not using android 7.0 or above.
    3. Lack of grammatically correct information on both the network & now its' Dapps.
    4. Lack of information on staking & PoW for those new to the crypto sphere.
    5. Ancient forums (honestly, your dev team could easily find open source software to improve these forums but like half the other alt-coin networks they're too busy over promising other crap)
    6. Last but not least, defensive admins with short tempers.

    I believe this network is a joke factory at this point 😊

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    All users are allowed to post pics in their forum topics.
    If you prefer, can you contact the telegram admins and send them the involved screenshot?

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    @Choeriswangqiji I think it is already pretty clear. No further discussion for this topic anymore. Let's notify the game's owner to update his game with clear rules

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