My Vite Testnet experience

  • Hi guys, I'm Vanderkum, from Cameroon and I will talk about my experience using the Vite Testnet for the past 3 months (or so). I heard about Vite from the icodrops website and followed the interviews and AMA and I knew at once this was a hidden gem. I was lucky and enthusiastic enough to be voted into the Vite fanclub on the secong time of asking and ever since then I've been impressed by the development speed and dedication.

    Now down to the testnet; I got my first experience of testnet when I was airdropped 10 Vite by a fanclub member and immediately, I decided to test the staking function. On hearing the name "staking", I thought it would give more vite tokens, but I found out the idea of Quotas on the vite ecosystem which is used basically gas fees(like gwei in erc20) for transactions especially for whales with many transactions. Also was impressed by the fact that transactions are free and we just need to perform a simple POW or pledge a small amount of at least 10 vite to have enough Quotas for transaction

    My second impression was the speed of the network and transactions. I actually got some VTT ( vite testnet tokens) and tried transferring to other addresses( there was a campaign at the time for that) and the transactions took less than 5 seconds to be confirmed and for me,it was a first. I also participate in a quiz campaign on the testnet and had a smooth experience, working on my android phone( I saw messages from people complaining about the web wallet during the quiz though).

    Thirdly, I did convert ALL my Vite erc20 token to the testnet once the conversion procedure was out, even though it seemed complicated at first,it was rather very easy. My aim was to be amongst the first voters to get a good return and in a few clicks, I had voted for VITE_SBP02 (Only the official Vite supernodes + swissvite reward voters) and every hour, I could see my reward in VITE increase and was more than happy when I got my reward after 24 hours. When the in wallet conversion function was added, I converted some more tokens and it was even faster and less fastidious.

    On the negative side, I didn't succeed in running a full node, my full node didn't synchronize and I'm after consulting with the help vite community, I think the internet speed in Cameroon is not that fast enough for the full node

    Finally, the vite Android wallet came out and even though I found some bugs ( reported and got rewards), I find it handy. Hope the dev team and work on the bugs and make the android wallet better. The android wallet and the web wallet do sign you out after a short while of inactivity, I don't know if that is a security measure or a bug, but I would rather it doesn't do that and you actually have to sign out.

    I will conclude by saying I've had a wonderful experience with the Vite testnet and the fact that I've some hard earn cash in it, makes me all the more involved on helping the Dev team make this testnet great and I can't wait for the mainnet to be out.

    P.S there's also VCP (Vite community points) that we can use to buy stuffs in the vite store, not tradable and acquired through the various vite campaigns

  • Thanks for providing us such amazing details! Have you used other projects' wallets? And if so, it'd be cool to hear some perspectives here.

  • @Richard_Yan thanks ;actually I've used other wallets for other projects like Quarkchain, metahash(still to list), jst to name a few. But what stands out with Vite is the fact that they can guarantee the community's money in their testnet. I tried qpocket ( quark chain) but not all they do now is test token and also tried not much functionalities like here. What is close to Vite wallet is metawallet by metahash, cool stuff too and deals with real tokens and transactions are as fast as vite (under 3 secs) and at no cost too

  • @Vanderkum That's a great point about how having a real stake (our actual Vite tokens) in the testnet inherently makes us more involved with testing the features and active with reporting our constructive criticism. I hadn't really thought about it until I read your post but the team made a wise decision by doing so.

  • The android wallet and the web wallet do sign you out after a short while of inactivity, I don't know if that is a security measure or a bug, but I would rather it doesn't do that and you actually have to sign out.

    I am no security expert, but I think having an auto-timeout feature does help to make the wallet more secure. All online banking/trading platforms do force automatic logouts after a period of inactivity to reduce the risk of an attacker gaining access to your account. I would rather the minor inconvenience of having to re-enter my credentials from time to time than run the risk of having my funds stolen. In Vite's case, I would even go as far to suggest an added level of authentication (2fa?) be required when sending above a certain amount of VITE. As it stands, anybody with access to your wallet is able to easily transfer out your VITE tokens with relative ease.

  • @Ze thanks for that, great insight as to the automatic signing out. About the 2fa, I did ask about that once and it was explained to me that Vite is a centralized network where 2fa works and in decentralized apps there is no central server so no one is able to verify his password but himself. Got that reply from Oleg

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