My Vite Testnet experience

  • Hi everyone、 I am Felicity. One tweet I read from Leo- co-founder of Vite “Vite team works overnight to deliver products”. Yes、 that’s why I like to know more and support Vite. It is awesome that anyone can use Vite Testnet and give out feedback. Normally projects are near to the mainnet have products like wallets, but Vite is different. I`ve not been waiting for a long time to see how the Testnet works、and Vite delivered things in the –speed-way、 ahead of their expected roadmap.

    For the in-wallet migration ERC20 Smooth. So far so good. I wonder if any projects have this kind of migration、and if it possible for other ERC20 tokens to be migrated、I supposed no.
    About the new interface of Vite’s website, it looks so cool! Well-informed of all needed information, once people join the website, they know what the team is doing.

    About the reward fo SBPs voting, as Full node and SBP is not what I can do, so I chose to so ahead with voting. The reward is quite good, rather than holding in exchanges, swap to testnet and earn rewards, why not? The system runs smoothly, but $Vite will ever be in pending mode untill I open my wallet. It somehow means I have tobe online to receive tokens, right? Do you have solutions for this?

    Of the web-wallet , at first simple look and function, but now it is added with many more, convenient usage.

    Regarding the Android wallet , no fee charged to tranfer tokens. I suppose it is the first version so there are points needed to be improved. The system ran smoothly. It was weird that you release the iOS version even before the Android wallet. So far so good. Still recommend finger prints lock to be added : P

    (Offtopic) Github always in active mode, a lot of code commits is contributed. From CyrptoMiso, a github ranking website, Vite has been stably on the 20th place of their continous contribution in the duration of 3 months.

    Community engagement, the admin in Vite groups is so much helpful, admins always conducts information in the most informative and helpful way. You have a great community like Plasmo and SwissVite who are so so awesome in contributing and help out not only in the Telegram but also in Vite forum and Discord. Their writings are so clear and easy to follow. I admire their helpfulness a lot!
    I believe you are creating something really cool. All ahead of scheduled time. I am looking forward to see more products from your team!

    ありがと Vite!!!

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    When my friend try with iOS version, she took a screenshot the seed phrase and it appeared like this, so amazing hhaa!! "It isn't a safe way to keep your seed phrase by screenshot. We suggest that you'd better write it down and keep it in a safe place" Vite is cool!

  • @plasmo thank you for the reward! you're so enthusiast with Vite 😳 😳

  • Are you from Japan?

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