My Testnet Experience

  • Hi guys,

    I first came across VITE only a couple of months ago - I regularly check out ICOs and how they have performed. VITE definitely grabbed my attention and I soon started watching reviews of the ICO.

    The DAG architecture and the full compatibility with the EVM are what drew me to VITE the most.

    First impressions were really good - working product and a community already.

    Signed up for the Web wallet and started my own Node under Ubuntu. All ran very smoothly.

    I didn't own any ERC20 tokens but I have done numerous token swaps and VITE definitely has one of the easiest swap (in the web wallet).

    I used the Faucet to get some VTT tokens.

    I have been a part of the Full node reward program since it started and have been earning a nice amount of tokens. With my VITE tokens I have been voting for the VITE SBP to earn some more each day.

    I have had sync problems however lately - my nodes ran fine for a long time and in the last week stopped syncing properly. I see some posts about this and intend to read them now that I have joined the forum.

    Overall very impressed with the progress and looking forward to mainnet.

  • welcome to the vite community mate.Lets hold vite

  • I must add the Snap Secure site was invaluable for information.

  • @sandunfernando from hold to build

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