My experience using the Vite testnet

  • Hello.

    I turned my attention to VITE during private sales. After studying the project, I was very sad to know that there would be no sale for the community. It’s good that over time the market has provided such an opportunity.

    I was interested in many projects, actively invested, studied them and participated in all sorts of tests. VITE was interested first of all with an innovative idea and a strong team. Most of the projects do not fulfill their promises to investors, constantly tightening the lines and when they have something appears it turns out to be absolutely not what everyone was waiting for. VITE surprised me greatly in this regard.

    The first time I took part in testing as soon as the desktop wallet appeared, responding to the message in the telegrams of the chat of one of the admins. It was necessary to install the application itself and send some test tokens to this admin. At this very moment I was pleasantly surprised, the product development went ahead of the lines, everything worked pretty well and had a nice interface. After that, Vite sunk into my soul, and I began to follow the project in more detail, to participate in various test and community companies.
    When I learned that it would be possible to swap tokens on the test network and participate in different programs on it, I was in the front ranks of who did this. Very pleased with the progress in development.

    What did I like most and what conclusions did I draw after more than six months of active participation in the community? The project clearly deserves attention, and is very much undervalued by the market. In the future, it can break out into the top, since the product and what I saw is much better quality than 99% of the projects on the market. Very pleased with the line ahead and the development of several products at once, which is not the case with competitors.

    What would you like to see? More partnerships with companies that will actually use the VITE network. More companies to bring information about the project to a larger number of people, since very little attention was determined in the market due to the lack of public sales.

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