Understanding My Wallet

  • Hello Friends,
    I have beginning to start learning and get familiar with my Wallet. Immediately there was an upgrade I staked all my tokens and linked up my twitter handle with. Now here is the questions;

    1. It is rewarding to like or retween by visiting vite tweet even if the tweet is not on my wallet page.
    2. What are the benefit of staking?
    3. If I voted what is the benefit?

    Let me stop here to understand the work flow gradually. Thanks in anticipation of your swift response

  • 1、Log in to Twitter from your wallet to complete the mission and get more airdrops.

    2、Staking VITE can get quota, have faster transfer speeds and transaction speeds. Can be applied to personal transfers and upcoming ViteX. Of course, after ViteX goes online, staking VITE can also get VX tokens.VX tokens will have dividends every day.

    3、Voting for SBP is rewarded with voting. Rewards are set by the SBP itself. At present, SBP that issue voting rewards include:Korea_node、BayernM、XS_Fund、N4Q.orgSwissVite.org、Elegance.Vite、vite.NO1、V666.fun.

    Have fun! 😁

  • @Snaker you explanation has really help me a lot. Thanks for this great submission and explanation. Togetherness we build better vite community and make it bigger.