My Testnet Experience

  • Hello, everyone! I'm sun quan from Shanghai. I know about the nano, so after the vite came out, I had a detailed understanding of the vite and its differences, advantages and innovations with other public chains. Snapshot chain technology is introduced to provide a layer of security on the dot matrix, which can not only prevent double flower, But also provide global timestamp and facilitate future block chain clipping. It made a deep impression on me.

    Before the test network started, I bought one million tokens on okex. After the test network started, I immediately converted tokens according to the instructions. After voting for the official node, I began to do SBP with other community partners. From then on, I began to devote a lot of energy to vite, experience wallet, official website and telegram discussion. Every time I gave Suggestions to the officials, they gave me quick feedback and made rapid improvements. Especially the recent update of the road map, I saw the efficiency and execution of the team. Hope more people join in.

    Here's the voting income from one of my wallets.

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