My Testnet Experinece

  • So far everything has been pretty great so far as my experience on the VITE testnet, everything seems to work fine and it has a very nice and sleek looking design.

    One thing I would like is for the vite web wallet to have more security features like 2FA and maybe mobile SMS confirmation before sending transactions.

    also, the home/account page should have the most recent VITE transactions, I don't like having to go to the transaction page to check if a transfer has arrived.
    maybe also have an option to get notifications of incoming transactions via email or SMS, I would personally like that.

    but besides these suggestions, everything has gone great for me on the test net, the token swap was much nicer and easier than I thought it would be, and I look forward to the main net launch... does anyone know when that will be?

  • Excellent review and I agree with you, additional security measures will not interfere, I am sure they will be implemented in future versions of the wallet.

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