What’s a Supernode? What does SBP stand for? What does it all have to do with Vite? Let’s go back to basics and introduce our Supernode + Full Node Incentive Programs to any new fans we have out there.

  • Supernode 101 | Earn Vite Rewards Daily
    Everything You Need to Be a Snapshot Block Producer (SBP)

    Written by Luke Kim - Vite Labs
    Published date: Jan 4


    1) What is a supernode?
    Supernodes are unique to blockchains with a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus mechanism. Think of DPOS as a representative democracy, wherein the elected officials confirm the legitimacy of individual transactions and the overall public ledger. Below is a summary of incentives for running a supernode:

    2) Why are supernodes in Vite called Snapshot Block Producers?
    Vite uses a variant of DPOS called Hierarchical Delegated Proof of Stake (HDPOS). This is due to our Block Lattice architecture which is a novel form of Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG). In HDPOS, there are three levels of consensus:

    Local Consensus: Happens at the level of user accounts and smart contract accounts. Vite’s Block Lattice DAG ledger means that each user and smart contract has its own chain. Delegated Consensus Groups are hand-picked sets of full nodes who determine the state of smart contracts.
    Global Consensus: Global Consensus happens at the Snapshot Chain level, through the Snapshot Consensus Group. The Snapshot Chain is an overall ledger of all chains at the Local Consensus level; though it does not store the whole ledger, it stores key information such as account balances and roots of Merkle Trees of smart contract states.
    The relationship between Local Consensus and Global Consensus is captured in the following analogy: a company records its financial transactions (Local Consensus) and an auditor confirms that they are correct (Global Consensus). Supernodes are members of the Snapshot Consensus Group, from which the top 100 are eligible to become SBP’s.

    Snapshot Block Producers (SBP) are the top 25 voting supernodes within the Snapshot Consensus Group, who produce blocks for the Snapshot Chain. Vite invented the Snapshot Chain to mitigate security issues posed by DAG architecture, which are well known.

    SwissVite is an outstanding example of an SBP. We previously highlighted them in this article. They are a team of five based in Geneva, Switzerland.

    3) Why should I become a supernode and SBP?
    You get rewards based on performance. Our team will help you grow your community and stand up your supernode! 🙂
    $) We provide weekly rewards for growing your community and developing your local ecosystem as an extension of Vite. We accept proposals through the Vite Forum. If approved, we double your rewards for the week and we showcase you to our entire community.
    $) We select the top two entries for monthly rewards and give these projects additional rewards equivalent to their block producing reward for that month.
    $) Submissions are accepted on the Vite Forum until 11:59 PM each Wednesday. Results are announced every Friday. Submissions must follow this format:
    Title: [SBP Proposal] [SBP Name] — [Proposal Date] — [Headline of Proposal]
    A great submission would be something similar to the recent campaign by SnapSecure. They are another great example of an SBP. In this campaign, SnapSecure had fans guess full node rewards and encouraged their community to explore our Full Node Incentive Program. Vite is happy to co-sponsor community campaigns and competitions with our SBP’s.

    4) How can I become a supernode/SBP or full node?

    1. Set up a full node. This takes 10 minutes maximum. full nodes keep the complete Vite ledger, vote for SBP’s and earn rewards unique to full nodes.

    Check out this amazing full node tutorial by SnapSecure!

    2. Set up a supernode in order to become an SBP. Be ready to stake VITE through your wallet and start the process of getting votes!

    Check out this amazing SBP tutorial by SnapSecure and apply officially through our website!
    Vite Labs assists SBP’s in the following ways:

    Technical Support: Systems Integration + SBP Server Operation

    Marketing Support: Shoutouts + Community Campaigns

    1. Who are the SBP’s and how many are there?
      Take a look at our SBP list online. Many of the teams have interesting personal profiles and they’re based all over the world!


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