My experience with Vite Testnet

  • My first encounter with Vite was to participate in Vite rewards programs through AMAs as it was amongst the few projects that was sold out entirely in private sales. Little did I know that the AMAs by Richard were so convincing that I fell in love with this project. The token use case, asynchronous architecture and Snapshot chain security were such an intricate pieces of puzzle that were well laid out. Amongst all that irrational exuberance that surrounded the crypto space, Vite struck me as one project where the team demonstrated that balance of pragmatism which was in contrast to other Blockchain projects that only touted their high TPS and ultra ambitious roadmaps.

    Vite, on the other hand, deeply focussed on educating its community, came up with a well thought-out and realistic roadmap/milestones/timelines. While many criticized Vite for its long roadmap initially, the team stated that it prioritized execution over an unfurnished and less developed platform. Instead of giving hollow TPS claims like other projects, Vite focused on building and built an extremely fast testnet well ahead of the stipulated timeline. Not just that, Vite was extremely careful in taking feedbacks and reviews from the community to improve its testnet further. Needless to say, Vite stands out as a project that has constantly improved its product using active inputs from its fans and community members.

    The active participation by the community has allowed the testnet to evolve rapidly. Within the months of initial release, we have seen several upgrades in the platform; New community SBPs, faster/seamless in-wallet token migration, a fully finctioning Android wallet app, voting rewards, >400 running full nodes, Vite store , Vite community forum and so much more. In the end, the Vite product development is significantly ahead of its roadmap while the testnet platform quality keeps getting better with time.

    I am really excited to see Vite's inbuilt DEX based on Loopring protocol and the mainnet. With so many active testers, bug reporters & feedback providers from the community coupled with a very receptive team and a lightning speed of execution, I believe that Vite mainnet will be a notch above other platform mainnets especially on user experience and participation fronts, given such an acute involvement of community in project development. #Vitefan

  • Extremely well put. A vibrant community participating in the development of a project is rare to see! I am sure as more and more people see the capability of the project and the word gets out, there is no telling where Vite would have reached. It's a grand project already!

  • Well said. Out of curiosity -- where are you guys from? @Kabuto @Code_Geass

  • @Vitamin-C: I am from India. The popularity of crypto of India has suffered a decline due to stringent regulations by the central bank, but government has been sounding a bit positive on Blockchain technology lately. Time will tell where it goes. Where are you from?

  • @plasmo: I see that you sent me some Vite tokens. Appreciate the gesture, man! Thanks 🙂

  • @Code_Geass from USA

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