@blaup said in How to: Referring as Mining on ViteX: Don't work for me either, I have the last half year written to Vite about so many problems I ran into, it's hurting. If an app program or website. It have to work proberly all the time, not only one in a while. Also I have told wire that the stake does not work, and I only get 4 of the 10 I is titled to. But what do vite do !!! NOTHING. they don't even write back if you send them an mail about this. There have been so many problems the last halv year. I have accumulated 204 vite and if they did pay me as promised, and Fixed the problem I should have over 2000- 5000 vite and also all other kind of valuta in here at this moment hello, if you have a problem that needs to be resolved you can ask via the telegram vite group https://t.me/vite_en