Referral Campaign on Vite Mobile Wallet (Second Round)

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    Dear Vite Mobile Wallet users,

    Since we added the referral code on Vite Mobile Wallet on April 24, 2019, a huge number of VITE fans have participated in the first round of Referral Campaign! And a lot of users have received referral rewards up to 1,000 VITE, 500,000 VCP for Top 1 and one piece of anniversary T-shirt for Top 10! (please find more details in this link)

    In order to celebrate the near launch of the first decentralized exchange built on the top of DAG in this world, ViteX, Vite mobile wallet is going to initiate the second round of referral campaign! (More about ViteX)

    This time we have changed the rules a little bit to keep it fun enough and more attractive to the newcomers.


    1. You and your friend will receive 3 VITE when he/she successfully claims airdrops of 8 VITE three times. You and your friends will get the rest of 7 VITE when your friend successfully claim airdrops of 8 VITE seven times. The total reward is 10 VITE for each people.

    2. There is no number limit on your referral code. You will receive the referral reward when your friend successfully claims airdrops of 8 VITE seven times according to the rules.

    Yes, never compromise with cheating behavior. To fight with it we have increased the claiming times for new users. IMPORTANT: since Vite mobile wallet is an open-sourced wallet, we will not collect anything private. So please, ask your friends to link their twitter to Vite mobile wallet! (Only in this way, your referral will work and you will get the rewards)

    And about the second change, we have get rid of usage times limit on each referral code, so there will be a new one in all Vite mobile wallets. All users are allowed to invite as many friends as you can! The more people you invite to use Vite mobile wallet, the more rewards you will get!

    You will find the previous rules and how to do in this topic.



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