My Vite Testnet Experience

  • Hey all, I am a bit new on Vite. Initially I saw Vite another popular DAG platform project. Some others I was looking at were Fantom, Radix, Constellation etc.

    However, constant positive surprises on milestones have taken me by surprise. The testnet the team has put is more like a mainnet (maybe like an alpha or beta mainnet). It's already catching eyeballs and is far superior than other mainnets imo.

    The wallet download is so easy and light. Transactions are confirmed in seconds. I really like the little POW for small users while the higher TPS users need to stake. This is the best way to improve the token value by decreasing the velocity and simultaneously optimizing the network for high TPS applications. I was a bit skeptical of POS based voting initially but looking at the dynamics and involvement of community, I feel that active community participation can make the community voted node model successful. The development team is nothing short of spectacular and community members are very helpful. Seeing the trend, I can see Vite with a potential to create a history and be the next upcoming blockchain platform hosting hundreds (if not thousands) of Dapps in future.

    I must say that I am thoroughly impressed and will try to be more involved with the developments of the project. Kudos everyone and keep it up Vite!

  • How about a little criticism? Nice guys are so boring. Villains make great storylines 😄

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