Full Node Reward Guessing Competition (has now ended)

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    Hey, I’m Ryan and I’m from the US and I found out about Vite during the community giveaways, quizzes and AMAs. I’ve been a member of the community from early on and my prediction for the reward is 75.854992365 Vite.

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    Hi! I'm Pitozzi from Switzerland, I discovered VITE a few months ago thanks to the other members of SwissVite with whom we are running an SBP.
    Ryan must have a good formula but my result is a bit different. With a guess of 96 servers up, I find a reward of 75.48973584 VITE.

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    Hello everyone! I'm Navin from New York. I found Vite because I was looking for a game changing project. I estimate the payout to be 116.9875

  • Hi, I am Michalis from Cyprus. I learned about VITE since sometime in the summer after watching an interview of Richard from VITE. I guess that the full node reward payout for cycle 37 will be: 62.5 VITE

  • Hi, my name is Harriet and I learned about Vite after a friend talked to me about it around August-September. I guess the full node reward to be 75.2 Vite.

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    Hey, I am Kashish from India. Vite is one of the most mature projects I have seen to date and I am a big fan. I guess that the full node reward payout for cycle 37 will be: 102.83

  • SBP Reward

    Thanks for participating guys. Competition has now ended.

    The results will be out later when we find out what the full node rewards is (maybe in another 2-3 hours) ☺

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    It's an interesting activity😁

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    The latest amount is coming out. πŸ˜›

  • SBP Reward

    It seems the latest full node reward is... 94.4209252 VITE

    So the winner is...

    62.5 [Michalis]
    75.2 [Harriet]
    75.48973584 [Pitozzi]
    75.854992365 [ryang521]
    93.134 [KenNinja] [WINNER]

    94.4209252 [CYCLE 37 PAYOUT]

    102.83 [KG1024]
    113.1 [kenhop]
    115.2467735 [roadrunner]
    116.9875 [Navin]

    We'll be contacting KenNinja for a wallet address.
    Thanks everyone for playing. Maybe another time again eh 😸

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