Introduction of ViteX Operator [XS_Fund]

  • Operator name: XinShengFund (XS_Fund)

    Operator introduction: XS_Fund met VITE team in April 2018, and was involved in Vite’s private sale, community building, SBP, DAPP development and so on. XS_Fund keeps fine communication and cooperation with VITE, endeavors to keep well fame in VITE ecosystem. XS_Fund started gateway project in June, 2018 and it was expected to be online in synchronization with ViteX by end of July. In the future, XS_Fund will continue to support Vite ecosystem, strive for a high level of team rhythm. Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.

    Gateway service: YES.

    Listed token: VXS.

    ERC20 token: (Will be published after gateway test finished, stay in tune...)

  • SBP

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