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    Trading Page

    The trading page contains trading pairs, TradingView charts, order books, recent orders, and limit orders.

    Trading pairs

    Here you can select the asset pairs that you want to trade. This section will show the current price of the asset, the percentage change and the number of transactions in the last 24 hours.


    At the center of the page is the TradingView chart. This chart allows you to view both the MA and MACD metrics and allows you to draw on the chart using the tools provided in TradingView.
    Click on the button in the upper right corner of the TradingView chart to view the current trading pair details.

    Click the "Settings" button on the TradingView chart to set the candle style according to your preferences.

    Order book

    The order book shows all unfilled orders for the current trading pair. The top half consists of the "ask" orders — the price that others are willing to sell for. The bottom half consist of the "bid" orders — the price that others are willing to buy for.

    Latest Orders

    Here you can see the latest trading history for the current trading pair.


    Limit Order

    ViteX currently only supports limit orders. Please visit the section on how to use limit orders for more details. The limit order allows you to set the bid/ask price and the amount you want to trade.


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