What functions do you want in Vite Wallet? Come on and Vote!

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    @plasmo I mean just to log into the web wallet. Right now it's a username and pass and a hacker is in. No SMS or Authenticator.

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    @JD Even if you gave me your web wallet "username" and "password", I still wouldn't be able to login because it's not really a real "login" for your wallet.

    The seed/mnemonic is actually stored locally on your computer and this username and password is unlocking that. You can test this out yourself by using another computer to try login using the same username and password. You wouldn't be able to do so unless you loaded in your mnemonic 😋

    It's the same reason why I think 2FA is hard to implement. At no time is the login reaching a remote server, only just local.

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    @plasmo Well, I'll be damned. Learn something new every day. Thanks Plasmo!

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    I want more "Privacy mode" (Activation of Privacy Mode will hide asset balances).
    And support more languages ​​to make it more convenient for users.

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    @Nguyễn-Chí-Hải I believe privacy mode is a good idea. Did you leave this on the Others in the poll? And where do you come from? language issue I believe calls for our work together.✌

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