How do I login to ViteX?

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    There are three ways you can register for ViteX:

    Login via ViteConnect

    To use ViteConnect, you must download the Vite wallet app here. Then, simply login to your wallet and use the QR code scanner to scan the code on the ViteX login page.


    Login via Importing your Mnemonic Phrase

    The very first time you login to ViteX, you can choose to restore your wallet via importing your mnemonic phrase. However, since the import will save the private key locally, we recommend using Vite Connect for a more secure login experience.


    Login via an Existing Address

    Once you have imported your wallet, an "Existing Accounts" tab will show up in the ViteX login page. Here, you can login using your username and password without having to re-import your seed phrase.

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