[VITE] How to Deposit and Withdraw from Wallet to Market

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    How to Deposit vite from Wallet to Market for Trading

    • First open the web wallet or click => https://wallet.vite.net/startLogin
    • After that, import your wallet or use Viteconnect
    • Login according to the password you have created
    • After successfully logging directly into the wallet menu
    • Click the deposit to send vite to the market
    • If prompted to enter a password then enter the password that you previously created when importing / entering the wallet
    • Enter the number of vite you want to sell / trade then click Deposit
    • After that, return to the trading / market menu
    • Happy trading


    How to withdraw assets from Market to Wallet

    • First step into your wallet the steps as above
    • Just go to the wallet menu and click Withdraw on the part of the asset you want to withdraw to the wallet
    • If it's finished, the balance you withdraw will enter your wallet like the column I marked below

    How to Withdraw ETH, BTC or USDT from Wallet vite to your personal Wallet

    • First enter your wallet the steps are the same as above
    • Select the transfer menu in the section I marked as below
    • After that enter the amount you want to send and click Cross-Chain Transfer
    • When it's finished, you only need to wait to enter your wallet.

    Thus, if you are still confused, please leave a question.

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