ViteX Launch Bonus: Get 100% distribution by voting for SwissVite SBP!

  • SBP

    SwissVite is proud to celebrate the release of ViteX with a new campaign!

    From the 2nd of August and for 4 days, SwissVite will distribute 100% of the mining rewards to the voters (VITE & VCP)!

    Vote for SBP from your wallet to get Vite and VCP daily and enjoy the 100% bonus.

    We strongly recommend you to visit and use You can now trade native tokens and Vite tokens on the exchange in a decentralized way.

    Congrats to Vitelabs for the release of the Vite DEX. It's a milestone for the development of the Vite ecosystem and the adoption of Vite assets. Long-life to the VITE chain!

    Reminder: You can help ViteX to have more power by staking some of your VITE coins to give QUOTA to ViteX and get VX tokens for that.


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