All You Need to Know About Vite - New Info Page

  • Fellow Viters,

    Because we think that it is important for an investor to understand the tokenomics of an asset, and because it is not that easy to collect trustable information in the crypto space, we decided to publish on our website an INFO PAGE, with the fundamental information an investor needs to know.

    ViteTI, your Community SBP, welcomes you on our NEW information page:

    You can now have an overview of the fundamentals in just one click, with the following information available:

    Summary, initial supply, token allocation, mining rules, inflation, pre-sale, exchange, links, chain info, exchanges, latest tweets and many more...

    This is the page you need to study if you are a Vite investor. Do not hesitate to share this with your Vite Community.

    This new page is available from our website at


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