[ANN] [LYYB] lyyb:The native token of Vite

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    Token Information & Economics

    Token Name:LYYB
    Total Supply: 10000
    Circulating Supply:Circulated as planned, with a maximum circulation of 2000 per year.
    Operator: LYYB
    Native Token on VITE?: YES
    Explorer: Not available yet
    Token Allocation: 80% circulated on the exchange,The team holds 20%
    Please provide a list of team wallets that hold your token.
    Please provide all lockups in place for any holders of the token.
    Are you compliant in all jurisdictions that you service and operate in?
    Please provide a detailed token migration plan. What mechanism will you be using?
    What is the exact timeline of opening the swap/bridge to the public? Will you be able to complete this prior to the end of the voting period? If yes, please provide evidence that it the swap/bridge is ready or close to being ready.
    If your tokens currently still sit in only 1-5 addresses, please provide the timing of when they will be fully allocated to users.

    Project Summary

    Project Name: LYYB
    Project Website: on the way
    White Paper: https://github.com/LYYB-v/white-paper/blob/master/lyyb white paper.png
    Roadmap: (Share a link or image of your roadmap)
    Link to your asset page on Vite network
    A one-sentence pitch about your Project
    What are you planning to achieve with your project?
    What is the team size now?
    Please list each core member of the Project team and outline their role and responsibilities.
    If any project member is involved in other projects, please clearly state their commitment and how they avoid conflict of interest.
    Where are you right now in your roadmap?
    What is the business model of the Project?
    What is the potential user base and market opportunity?


    What are the technological innovations of the project, if there are any?
    Where are your code repositories located?
    Do you have any products or UI demos can you share publicly? Are any built by your community, as opposed to being in-house demos?
    Do you plan to release weekly progress updates in this forum?
    Do you plan to host monthly or bi-monthly video AMAs?


    Did you conduct any type of fundraising? When was it?
    How much in total did you raise?
    How much have you spent in total thus far? What have you spent these funds on?
    How much runway does your project require to ship the final product?
    What currency/coin/token do you plan to hold your funds in?
    What’s your coin storage/conversion policy? Do you only convert to fiat when you spend?
    How do you plan to publish your spending each month?
    Where are your funds stored? Please provide the addresses for public community tracking.


    Who do you view as your current competitors/peers?
    What is your project’s competitive advantage over existing or potential future solutions?

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