My Vite Testnet Experience (from an SBP perspective)

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm a member of We started our SBP at the beginning of the Testnet. I entered this project because I wanted to get involved with DPoS.

    First of all, as a cryptocurrency, using VITE and sending transactions instantaneously without fees is a complete pleasure, once it's understood how the quota/pow system works. I don't think it's too hard to get, but as I never saw this somewhere else, it took some time to go with it.

    The web wallet and the explorer are fluid and I love to see new things added once in a while.

    Setting up the SBP was not too hard, check this tutorial from our friends at Snap Secure.

    I would say that during the first weeks, the hardest was to go around with little documentation. Our first objective as an SBP was to attract voters, so to challenge the official nodes, we decided to distribute rewards as well. it took more time to find and understand which and how to use the different methods than to implement the coding part.
    The big plus (other than on our logo) is that the team has always been there to help, and we finally managed to automate all the process of getting voters and distributing rewards, learning in the meantime how to work with transactions and APIs, giving us a lot of ideas for the future 😉

    Finally, I love how the team is always active and proposing incentives for developing the community or the infrastructure network.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the roadmap!

  • Thanks for the post, it's cool to hear about the perspective of a snapshot block producer and also great to read that the Vite team has always been there to help with your node and the reward automation process. I think it's awesome that your team is the first private SBP to be rewarding voters!

  • Nice to see an SBP sharing their experience with the community. You're one of the most active SBPs and your contribution to the community is much appreciated.

  • This is an interesting post here, reading about things from the PoV of a SBP. Great to know that you're as satisfied as the rest of us lesser mortals 😄

  • Thx for the interesting sharing wrt SBP!

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