I Want To Be An Ethereum Developer

  • I Want To Be An Ethereum Developer


    Getting a job in the blockchain industry is hard, though the roles are quite varied. Such careers might include writing and journalism (we should know), marketing and advertising, computing and engineering and of course, development.

    The invention of Ethereum by founder Vitalik Buterin has helped to totally transform the way development and programming exists within the blockchain industry. By taking on the fundamentals of the Bitcoin blockchain, Ethereum has made way for an entire culture of development, by allowing developers and fanatics alike to make and create their own blockchain products on an open source and powerful blockchain (the Ethereum blockchain).

    So, if you want to be an Ethereum developer, what steps do you need to take to pursue your career? First of all, you’re going to need to gain and intricate knowledge of computer science, including design, coding and programming. Getting your head around the intricate engineering that goes into blockchain development is no easy feat, in fact, it’s something that could take years of learning if you’re new to this industry. Therefore, with this in mind, education is important.

    Get online and check out some free blockchain development courses, do your research and commit yourself to the industry, it’s the only way you’re going to progress within it!

    Once you have the knowledge, then you need to get building. Because literally anyone can produce a blockchain product on Ethereum, you’ve already got a platform available to you. This is what the likes of Justin Sun from TRON did, now look how successful he’s become. Anyone can simply replicate an existing blockchain product or idea and brand it as their own, it’s the innovatives and the creators that actually make it big in this industry, so take the time to research your product area and develop prototypes first. If you create something unique, you’re far more likely to go on and see even bigger successes than those developers that simply replicate other people’s ideas. Replication is good, but it doesn’t always mean success.

    Hopefully this article has at least inspired some people to start researching the blockchain… The key to this industry is to know what you’re doing, education is so important and the only way you can gain this education is by researching yourself. Things will change when blockchain technology becomes a part of the standard world curriculum, but for now, it isn’t, so we have to grab these opportunities now and teach ourselves.

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